Message from Ruth & Charbel Harb

We are so happy to announce that Harb’s Oasis will continue to serve Baton Rouge and the surrounding area with landscaping, water gardens, and all types of plants!

Charbel & Ruth Harb are passing the baton after 37 years to the next generation.  The new owners are Jerry and Lindsey All, a young couple who bring a fresh vision and new excitement for the gardening business.  They live in Baton Rouge, have a four-year old daughter and a baby on the way.  They have a love for Koi ponds and waterscaping, as well as landscaping, and are up for the challenge.


Charbel Harb will stay on as a consultant, and assist in landscape sales and installation. Ruth Harb will assist as a consultant in buying and marketing.  You will still see us around from time to time especially this Spring, but we have retired from ownership and will enjoy more leisure time and travel.

Renovations are under way at Harb’s Oasis.  Water garden supplies, pumps, fountains, pots and fish are arriving daily.  Plants, trees and shrubs are on their way and will be filling up the nursery in no time!

Look for exciting changes with modern, technical improvements coming to Harb’s Oasis, but the tradition of honest, dependable, creative service, a watergarden destination, and specialty plants and merchandise will remain.

Thank you Baton Rouge for your patronage over the past 37 years! We look forward to being part of the present and future growth in our hometown!