DIY Pond Kits

Pond Kits – Build your own Water Garden!

Get our 20 step How To cd (an $18.00 value) FREE when you purchase your water garden kit.

Kit Includes:
•Bio Fall: gives you great effect and clear water
•Skimmer: a great way to hide the pump and skim leaves and other debris. Easy to clean and easily accessible
•Pump and Tubing: 2000, 3000, or 4000 G.P.H. pump. Complete with 1 1/2″ tubing, check valve, slip valve, and bulk head for easy connect to Bio Fall
•Liner and unerlayment: 20 year warranty on the 45 mil EPDM rubber liner pre-cut for convenience


Offering kits in the following sizes: 6′ x 8′, 8′ X 11′, 11′ x 11′, 11′ x 16′, 16′ x 16′, 16′ x 21′

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Let us build a Water Garden for you!

The above kit is included plus your pond is furnished complete with rocks, boulders, gravel, auto-fill valve, underwater light, and $20 worth of your choice of fish from our nursery.

Completely Installed Pond

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